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Argentina: Catholic Priest Ricardo Gimenez abused girls in school camping trips [Alert!]

LA PLATA, ARGENTINA (VaticanCrimes.com) - Catholic pederast priest Ricardo Gimenez, thought that he was spared and his crimes were not going to come out into public light.

Today, at 80 years old, and despite having been sentenced in 1996 for abusing 5 children at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Argentina, he currently officiates mass at the chapel of  "San Juan de Dios" Hospital  [St. John of God Hospital].

Victims who were abused by this priest when they they were young children, have detailed that they detected him and did not remain with their arms crossed, instead they joined with human rights and feminist groups to uncover and confront this criminal who had enjoyed a long impunity by the Argentinian “justice”, who protected, defended, and supported the Catholic "Church".

But his victims are not helpless girls anymore, they are now adults who face him and uncover his wickedness loud and clear.

Hundreds of activists from women's groups enterred the parish located at the Hospital San Juan de Dios in La Plata, Argentina to confront this priest, Ricardo Giménez  (who was sentenced 16 years ago for abuse of minors), interrupting the mass, and demanding that he no longer leads any masses in a place where children attend. 

A 45-year-old woman and other victims accused him of abusing them a long time ago, thirty years ago, when the parish priest was at the Catholic parish known as "Madre de la Divina Gracia" in the town of Gonnet. They intercepted the priest who had to suspend the mass.

"This tortured me my entire life. But in the end, I could speak. And this (to make it publicly known), is very important to me, but more importantly it's for all the children, since those who pass through his hands are in danger", said victim Julieta Añazco.

"He is a son of a bitch that has to be imprisoned, or at least he should not be able to leave his house," said Carla (who requested her surname to be protected). "It's a shame for him to be in a place like this where there are so many kids who are extremely vulnerable," she added.

Carla disclosed that Gimenez abused her when she was 11 years old and that she attended the Catholic church in Gonnet.

"He abused many children. He organized camping activities and he would enter their tents. He would touch you with the excuse of having to check to see if you were healthy. Or he would enter the place where we would shower", she recalled. She also said that his bad habit was even higher with younger children. "The 6 or 7 year old children had it worse still," she said.

It is worth congratulating these brave women who have faced this evil priest hidden behind his cassock. The Protect Your Children Foundation and VaticanCrimes.com congratulates them and receive that many more victims of this evil priest speak out and uncover crimes against them. They cannot continue to abuse the trust of the people that have placed in them because they wear cassocks, as they use fancy speeches with false words, using the Bible and faith to deceive.

The time to unmask the Great Vatican Harlot (the Catholic Church) has arrived, another catholic priest in the long list of sex offenders against children has been exposed. Now we will see what Pope Francis will do or say regarding this case in Argentina. Will he be harsh with these pedophile priests as he claims to be with his so-called "zero-tolerance" or will he only be 'all talk'? Will this priest as well many others continue to enjoy the protection and care of their Holy Mother Church and its Pope? Or will this pederast priest be yet another catholic official to be "harshly punished" by being transferred to a luxurious Catholic House of spiritual retreat?

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